DfG in TV interview about the future of sustainable design.

RTL 7, the business channel of RTL, broadcast the Dutch program Zo Kan Het Ook about sustainable entrepreneurship.

This episode of the program focuses on green packaging design. Aart van Veller is the host of the show and asks Jop Timmers all about his vision on the future of sustainable design.

Topics discussed are:  What is the difference between biobased and biodegrable? What is the future for sustainable packaging? What options do we have when the world population is growing and raw materials become scarce?

View the interview.

Geschreven door Jop Timmers

Jop is de oprichter van Design for Good, een ervaren product ontwerper, innovatie manager, auteur, expert in duurzaamheid, getraind als C2C Design Consultant in 2009 en negen jaar lang tevens part time docent industrieel ontwerpen. Duurzame en sociale innovatie zijn z'n passie.

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